Thank you for taking a look at the #MakersWay Project blogpage. This will be a journey of experimentation, shared public space, creativity and making!

This project is about small interventions and activities. With a variety of participants, organisations, residents, artists, educators and makers experimenting with ways of making our public spaces better – either through tangible outputs, or through engagements. A process-led project that serves as a catalyst allowing facilitators and suppliers the space to explore their ideas.

This blogpage will be updated regularly and is split into 4 divisions:

  • COMMUNITY CONNECT: connecting with the people who live and work in the area.
  • HOW DO THEY DO THAT?: A series of 40 workshops that share skills, ideas and knowledge with youth of Makers Valley. The knowledge being shared comes from a range of small creatives businesses and organisations based in Jozi. The blogs have been set up so you can learn how it’s done too!
  • PLACEMAKING: Getting on the streets, making, sharing and working together to create cleaner, safer and more welcoming public spaces.
  • MAKERS VALLEY – WHERE & WHAT IS IT?: Learn more about where Makers Valley is and the variety of dynamic and exciting partnerships and activities taking place in the area.

This project is being funded by The US Consulate.